Mohan’s Precast USA, Inc. is a family owned and operated company. Mohan’s Precast USA, Inc. is originally a construction company which has recently emerged into a precast factory. The company was originally started
off by the president, Clyde Mohan. He started off with the construction industry in1996 with a fast paste passion for the industry. He continued working long,dedicated hours to success. Clyde struck the construction industry and then a few years later, the construction industry started descending. Mr. Mohan began to think about something that would make him unique in the industry and in his regional area. He then decided to start doing some research on the architectural precast. Of course, he did not forget about the construction, which he was taught by his father (McClarence Mohan) who taught him all his trades.

Mohan’s Precast USA, Inc. was originated in the garage of Mr. Mohan. He worked in the garage long blistering hours everyday. The business was thought
out as being a local supplier to the contractors, homeowners, hardware, etc. Mr.Mohan knew exactly what he wanted and that was a bigger and better name for him and his upcoming company. After a year of working long hours he then decided he needed to expand. This led to relocating to a place that was not far from where he lived and was also bigger than the original location. After another year and a half Mr. Mohan decided to invest in a manufacturing warehouse where he started off his mega precast company he always dream about.

Clyde Mohan was looking to offer quality and satisfaction to all his clients.He was eager to show off his talent to the public. Therefore, he started taking on complex projects; meaning projects his competitors were denying and he did them. This showed that his company stands on representation and quality.

Mr. Mohan got his two sons, Vince and Andre involved in the company.They are both ponderous assets to Mohan’s Precast. The brothers are very
much like their father when it comes to hard work and customer satisfaction. They both work together to achieve success with greater projects and

Mohan’s Precast USA, Inc. is a manufacturing architectural precast company. Our company has elevated its focus on specializing in all exterior
concrete trades. Some of these trades consist of Foundations, Cast-In-Place concrete, Brick Facade, Form work, Retaining Wall, Slab, Driveway, Sidewalk, Paver, and much more. We work with some of the best companies and that helps to give us remarkable referrals. We provide superb services, which includes time and quality of our workmanship. We work with the best to get the best for every single one of our clients.

This company has been built on long-term experiences from generation to generation. We will always continue to surpass our competitor and try to offer the best to all our clients.